Top Hospitals In India For Exceptional Diabetes Care

When it comes to Hospitals In India for diabetes care, India is home to some of the best hospitals offering top-notch treatment and comprehensive care. With a focus on advanced medical technology, experienced doctors, and state-of-the-art facilities, these hospitals have a proven track record in delivering exceptional diabetes care. Whether you require diagnosis, treatment, or long-term management, these hospitals can provide you with the expertise and support you need.

Key Takeaways:

  • India is known for its top hospitals that offer exceptional diabetes care.
  • These hospitals have a team of expert doctors and specialists in diabetology and endocrinology.
  • They provide comprehensive care and follow international guidelines for diabetes treatment.
  • India is a popular destination for medical tourism due to affordable treatment costs.
  • Patients can expect personalized treatment plans and innovative solutions for managing diabetes.

Fortis C-DOC Hospital, Delhi

Fortis C-DOC Hospital is recognized as one of the best hospitals in India for diabetes care, endocrinology, and metabolic diseases. With three consecutive years of being crowned as the Best Hospital in India for Diabetes, it exemplifies excellence in providing comprehensive and specialized care to patients.

Equipped with 23 hospital beds and 2 technologically advanced operating rooms, Fortis C-DOC Hospital ensures that patients receive cutting-edge treatments and state-of-the-art facilities. The hospital’s commitment to delivering exceptional care extends beyond medical interventions.

Fortis C-DOC Hospital offers specialized clinics that cater to various diabetes-related ailments. These clinics provide personalized care plans and innovative solutions to enhance the well-being of patients. Additionally, the hospital organizes workshops and therapy sessions to support and empower diabetics along their treatment journey.

At Fortis C-DOC Hospital, a distinguished panel of doctors comprising diabetologists, endocrinologists, and diabetes therapists bring their vast expertise and compassion to every patient interaction. Through a holistic approach, they strive to enhance the quality of life for individuals facing diabetes and its associated metabolic disorders.

Testimonial from a Fortis C-DOC Patient:

“I am incredibly grateful for the care I received at Fortis C-DOC Hospital. The team of doctors was not only highly skilled but also genuinely empathetic. The personalized treatment plan helped me manage my diabetes effectively, and the workshops provided invaluable guidance. I would highly recommend Fortis C-DOC to anyone seeking top-notch diabetes care.”

– A satisfied patient at Fortis C-DOC Hospital

Facilities Specialized Clinics Medical Experts
23 hospital beds Diabetes foot care clinic Diabetologists
2 technologically equipped operating rooms Diabetes education clinic Endocrinologists
Diabetes nutrition clinic Diabetes therapists

Apollo Hospitals, Chennai

Apollo Hospitals in Chennai is one of the top hospitals in India for diabetology and endocrinology. With accreditations from the Joint International Commission and NABH, Apollo Hospitals ensures the highest standards of quality and patient care. The hospital offers unique and state-of-the-art services in various departments, including diabetology, endocrinology, endocrine surgery, and diabetes foot surgery.

Apollo Hospitals has been recognized for its exceptional customer service and excellence in service delivery. The hospital is proud to have a panel of renowned diabetologists and endocrinologists, ensuring that patients receive expert care and personalized treatment plans.

diabetes foot surgery

State-of-the-Art Services

At Apollo Hospitals, patients have access to cutting-edge technology and advanced medical procedures for the treatment of diabetes and endocrine disorders. The hospital’s department of diabetology offers comprehensive care for patients with diabetes, including diagnosis, management, and prevention of complications.

The endocrinology department specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of hormonal disorders, ensuring optimal health and well-being. Apollo Hospitals also provides endocrine surgery, including surgeries related to the thyroid, parathyroid, and adrenal glands.

In addition, the hospital excels in diabetes foot surgery, addressing complications such as foot ulcers, infections, and deformities that may arise as a result of diabetes. The expert team at Apollo Hospitals offers specialized treatments to restore functionality and improve the quality of life for patients.

Renowned Diabetologists and Endocrinologists

The panel of diabetologists and endocrinologists at Apollo Hospitals is comprised of highly skilled and experienced professionals. These experts are dedicated to providing personalized care and staying abreast of the latest advancements in the field. They work closely with each patient to develop tailored treatment plans that address their specific needs and goals.

Awards and Accreditations

Awards Accreditations
Best Hospital for Diabetology Joint International Commission
Best Hospital for Endocrinology NABH
Best Customer Service

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital in Delhi is renowned for providing comprehensive care and treatments for diabetes-related issues. With a focus on delivering exceptional healthcare services, the hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and a team of expert doctors and surgeons.

The hospital holds accreditation from the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL), ensuring that patients receive the highest quality of medical care. This accreditation highlights the hospital’s commitment to maintaining rigorous standards and providing accurate and reliable diagnostic services.

One of the key strengths of Indraprastha Apollo Hospital is its ability to cater to international patients. The hospital offers excellent facilities and amenities that ensure a comfortable and convenient experience for patients traveling from abroad. Whether it’s assistance with travel arrangements, accommodation, or language interpretation services, the hospital’s dedicated international patient services team is committed to providing personalized support and attention.

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital prides itself on its comprehensive approach to diabetes care. The hospital’s team of esteemed endocrinologists and diabetes specialists focus on delivering individualized treatment plans that encompass the latest advancements in medical science. From diagnosis to management and ongoing support, patients receive holistic care that addresses their unique needs.

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital

Highlights of Indraprastha Apollo Hospital:

  • Comprehensive care for diabetes-related issues
  • NABL accredited laboratory for accurate diagnostics
  • Specialized team of expert doctors and surgeons
  • Efficient nursing and support staff
  • High-class infrastructure with sophisticated equipment

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital’s commitment to providing comprehensive care and its focus on international patients make it a top choice for individuals seeking advanced diabetes treatment.

Manipal Hospital, Bangalore

Manipal Hospital in Bangalore is a prominent healthcare facility with a dedicated unit for diabetes, endocrinology, and metabolic diseases. The hospital is committed to early diagnosis and evidence-based management of all types of diabetes disorders. With advanced therapeutic and diagnostic facilities, Manipal Hospital provides comprehensive care for both short-term and long-term complications associated with diabetes.

The hospital offers round-the-clock emergency services, ensuring immediate attention for patients with critical conditions. Manipal Hospital also houses well-equipped blood banks and state-of-the-art operating theaters to cater to various medical requirements. By following international guidelines set by esteemed organizations like the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), American Diabetes Association (ADA), and American College of Endocrinology (ACE), Manipal Hospital ensures the highest standards of diabetes care.

Highlights of Manipal Hospital, Bangalore:

  • Exclusive unit for diabetes, endocrinology, and metabolic diseases
  • Committed to early diagnosis and evidence-based management
  • Advanced therapeutic and diagnostic facilities
  • 24/7 emergency services
  • Well-equipped blood banks and operating theaters
  • Adherence to international guidelines for diabetes care

Manipal Hospital

Through its unwavering dedication to diabetes care and endocrinology, Manipal Hospital in Bangalore continues to be a trusted healthcare institution for individuals seeking superior treatment.

Facilities Specializations
24/7 emergency services Diabetes
Blood banks Endocrinology
Operating theaters Metabolic diseases

Global Hospital, Mumbai

Global Hospital in Mumbai is renowned for its exceptional diabetes care and advanced treatment methods. With a strong team of diabetes experts and endocrinologists, the hospital provides specialized clinics for diabetics of all age groups. Utilizing innovations in tools and technology for diagnosis and monitoring, Global Hospital offers state-of-the-art facilities.

The hospital is committed to staying at the forefront of medical advancements and providing the best care possible for diabetes patients. With a focus on personalized treatment plans, Global Hospital ensures that each patient receives individualized care based on their specific needs.

Global Hospital is also equipped to conduct advanced endoscopic procedures for diabetes-related ailments, offering innovative solutions for the management and treatment of the disease. The hospital’s team of experienced diabetes experts and endocrinologists are dedicated to delivering comprehensive and compassionate care to all their patients.

Hospitals In India

By combining expertise, cutting-edge technology, and a patient-centric approach, Global Hospital in Mumbai remains a top choice for individuals seeking superior diabetes care in India.

Max Super Speciality Hospital, Delhi

Max Super Speciality Hospital in Delhi is a specialist center for diabetes care, providing comprehensive and holistic approaches to diabetic patients. The hospital has achieved accreditation under the Joint International Commission, ensuring high-quality care and standards. With a focus on delivering exceptional diabetes care, Max Super Speciality Hospital offers 24/7 emergency services, ensuring immediate attention for patients in need.

The hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic laboratories, utilizing the latest technological tools for accurate and efficient diagnoses. Additionally, Max Super Speciality Hospital provides haemodialysis services for patients with end-stage kidney disorders, catering to their specific needs and ensuring comprehensive care.

One of the unique aspects of Max Super Speciality Hospital’s approach is their inclusion of weight loss surgery as a treatment measure for type 2 diabetes. This holistic approach recognizes the close relationship between diabetes and obesity, addressing both conditions simultaneously to improve patients’ overall health and well-being.

Max Super Speciality Hospital

Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore

Fortis Hospital in Bangalore is a renowned healthcare facility that houses an exclusive department for diabetes and metabolic disorders. It has been recognized and accredited by the Joint Commission International, which ensures the highest quality of medical care and services.

The hospital provides critical care services and trauma facilities 24/7, ensuring that patients with diabetes and metabolic disorders receive prompt attention and comprehensive treatment. With a dedicated team of diabetologists and endocrinologists, Fortis Hospital offers specialized care tailored to each patient’s unique needs.

One of the key areas of expertise at Fortis Hospital is insulin pump therapy. This innovative treatment option helps individuals with diabetes manage their condition more effectively by delivering insulin in a controlled and precise manner. The hospital follows international guidelines for diabetes care, ensuring that patients receive the best possible treatment outcomes.

In addition to insulin pump therapy, Fortis Hospital also emphasizes continuous glucose monitoring, a cutting-edge technology that allows for real-time monitoring of blood glucose levels. This enables healthcare professionals to make more informed decisions regarding diabetes management and provides patients with greater control over their condition.

With a commitment to holistic care and adherence to international standards, Fortis Hospital in Bangalore is a trusted destination for individuals seeking comprehensive solutions for diabetes and metabolic disorders.

Diabetic Clinic at Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre

Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre is a renowned diabetic clinic in India, specializing in the fields of diabetology and endocrinology. With a commitment to providing comprehensive diabetes management, the center offers personalized care, advanced treatments, and innovative solutions for diabetes.

At Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre, patients can expect to receive individualized attention and tailored treatment plans to effectively manage their condition. The center boasts a team of leading diabetologists and endocrinologists who are dedicated to helping patients achieve optimal health and well-being.

Through cutting-edge research and clinical expertise, Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre remains at the forefront of advancements in diabetology and endocrinology. By leveraging the latest technologies and treatment modalities, the center ensures that patients receive the best possible care for their diabetes.

With a focus on patient empowerment and education, Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre offers workshops and educational programs to help individuals with diabetes gain a deeper understanding of their condition and learn practical strategies for managing it effectively.

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With its commitment to excellence in diabetology and endocrinology, Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre continues to be a trusted destination for patients seeking top-notch care for diabetes in India.

Expertise in Diabetology and Endocrinology

  • Comprehensive Diabetes Management: Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre provides comprehensive care for diabetes, focusing on a holistic approach that encompasses medical interventions, lifestyle modifications, and ongoing support.
  • State-of-the-Art Treatments: Leveraging the latest advancements in diabetology and endocrinology, the center offers a wide range of cutting-edge treatments and therapies to effectively manage diabetes and related complications.
  • Innovative Solutions: Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre is committed to staying at the forefront of diabetes management by continuously exploring and implementing innovative solutions to improve patient outcomes.

“We believe in empowering our patients to take control of their diabetes and lead fulfilling lives. Through personalized care, advanced treatments, and a patient-centered approach, we aim to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals living with diabetes.”

Diabetes Treatment in India – Cost and Process

The cost of diabetes treatment in India varies depending on the hospital and type of treatment required. Several factors may affect the cost, including hospital fees, doctor fees, diagnostic tests, and medications.

Patients can expect high-quality care and affordable treatment options in India. The country has a wide range of hospitals and clinics specializing in diabetes treatment, offering various services to cater to different needs. From consultation and diagnosis to treatment implementation and follow-up care, the treatment process for diabetes in India follows a comprehensive approach.

Here is a general overview of the treatment process:

  1. Initial Consultation and Diagnosis: Patients undergo an initial consultation with a diabetologist or specialist who reviews their medical history, performs necessary tests, and diagnoses the type and severity of diabetes.
  2. Development of a Treatment Plan: Based on the diagnosis, the healthcare provider develops a personalized treatment plan that includes medication management, lifestyle modifications, and recommendations for controlling blood sugar levels.
  3. Implementation of Medication and Lifestyle Changes: Patients are prescribed specific medications, such as insulin or oral hypoglycemic agents, to manage their diabetes. They are also advised on lifestyle changes, including a healthy diet, regular exercise, and weight management.
  4. Regular Check-ups and Monitoring: Patients have regular check-ups with their healthcare providers to monitor their blood sugar levels and overall health. Adjustments to the treatment plan may be made based on the individual’s response to treatment.
  5. Rehabilitation and Support: Diabetes treatment in India often includes rehabilitation programs to help patients manage the condition effectively. These programs may involve education on diabetes self-care, psychological counseling, and support groups for emotional support.

By following the treatment process and receiving ongoing care, individuals with diabetes can effectively manage their condition and improve their quality of life.

Through affordable treatment options and a comprehensive approach, India has become a desirable destination for diabetes care, attracting patients from around the world.


India is home to some of the top hospitals that provide exceptional diabetes care, making it a popular destination for patients seeking effective diabetes treatment. Hospitals such as Fortis C-DOC, Apollo, Manipal, Global, Max Super Speciality, and Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centre have earned a reputation for their expertise in managing diabetes and ensuring the well-being of patients.

These hospitals offer comprehensive care for diabetes patients, following international guidelines set by organizations like the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and the American Diabetes Association (ADA). With state-of-the-art treatments and a team of world-class specialists, patients can trust that they will receive high-quality care and personalized treatment plans tailored to their specific needs.

One of the advantages of choosing India for diabetes treatment is the affordability. The cost of diabetes treatment in India is comparatively lower than in many other countries, making it an attractive option for medical tourism. Patients can access exceptional care without compromising on quality, while also experiencing the rich cultural heritage and hospitality that India has to offer.

By choosing one of the top hospitals in India for diabetes treatment, patients can benefit from a holistic approach to diabetes care, innovative treatment options, and advanced technologies. These hospitals prioritize the well-being of patients and strive to provide the best possible outcomes for managing diabetes and improving quality of life.


Q: What are the top hospitals in India for exceptional diabetes care?

A: The top hospitals in India known for exceptional diabetes care include Gleneagles Global Hospitals, Apollo Hospitals, Fortis Healthcare, Max Healthcare, and Manipal Hospitals, among others.

Q: Which treatments and procedures do these hospitals provide for diabetes care?

A: These hospitals provide a range of treatments and procedures for diabetes care, including medication management, insulin therapy, diabetic foot care, diabetic retinopathy treatment, and specialized clinics for type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Q: How do I book an appointment at the best hospital for diabetes treatment in India?

A: You can book an appointment at the best hospital for diabetes treatment in India by contacting the hospital directly or through their online appointment booking system available on their official website.

Q: What specialized services do these hospitals offer related to diabetes care?

A: These hospitals offer specialized services such as diabetes centers, intensive care for diabetic emergencies, gestational diabetes care, and diabetes clinics for comprehensive care and management.

Q: Do these hospitals have world-class doctors specializing in diabetes care?

A: Yes, these hospitals have renowned diabetes doctors and specialists who provide quality care for people with diabetes, diagnose diabetes, and offer the best medical and surgical interventions in the field of diabetes.

Q: What are the key features of the diabetes care hospitals in India?

A: The key features of diabetes care hospitals in India include tertiary care facilities, state-of-the-art infrastructure, advanced diagnostic and imaging services, and a dedicated team that treats patients with utmost care and compassion.

Q: What is the significance of HbA1c in diabetes management, and how is it addressed by these hospitals?

A: HbA1c, a key measure of long-term blood sugar control, is significant in diabetes management. These hospitals have specialized programs and clinics to monitor HbA1c levels and provide personalized treatment plans to manage diabetes effectively.

Q: Which city in India is renowned for its exceptional diabetes care hospitals?

A: Pune is renowned for its exceptional diabetes care hospitals, with leading healthcare facilities offering the best treatment and comprehensive care for diabetes patients.

Q: How do these hospitals ensure the best diabetes care for their patients?

A: These hospitals ensure the best diabetes care through world-class facilities, experienced healthcare professionals, innovative treatment approaches, and a focus on providing quality care and support to patients with diabetes.

Q: What role do these hospitals play in the field of diabetes research and education?

A: These hospitals actively engage in diabetes research, education, and outreach programs to raise awareness, improve treatment outcomes, and advance the understanding of diabetes, offering comprehensive care and support to the community.

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